Bore Pumps, Solar Pumps and Service

Sprinkler Fix specialise in Bore Pumps. 

We can Extract, Service and Repair your Bore Pump.

Our services are made easy with the "Bore Lift" trailer taking a fraction of the time compaired to conventional methods.

Bore Pump Extraction & Service

Our "Bore Lift Rig" is a custom built bore extraction unit that is trailer mounted and self powered. We can extract bore pumps from up to 130 meters down. The pump and pipe gets wound up neatly onto the rig and removed as a unit. The pump can be easily removed and serviced without unwinding the pipe and is OH&S Friendly. Being a 1 man operation "Bore Lift" is the perfect piece of equipment for the job. We have the ability to remove your bore pump from any situation using our purpose built bore rollers.

Sprinkler fix specialize in the supply and installation of bore pumps. 

We can evaluate your bore pump needs and sell you the right pump for the job.



Solar powered Pumps

We can design and install Solar Pump systems to suit your requirements to ensure reliability and incredible energy efficiency.