Commercial Pumps and Service


Sprinkler Fix can specify, supply and install a suitable Vertical Multi Stage pump set to suit your requirements.

Including multiple pump sets - Variable Speed Drives  - Manifolds - Valves

We can also supply and install Filters in Manual cleaning or Auto Cleaning


Commercial Irrigation at

De Bortoli Wines

We recently completed a new Davey Monsoon IQ install at De Bortoli Wines in the Yarra Valley. The Variable Speed Triple Set Pump system keeps the 600 acres of vines watered and healthy.

Using the IQ system means Vineyard Manager Rob Sutherland can monitor the pumps status, running temperature and pressure all remotely and 24hours a day. If there is a fault, damaged main line or a pump overheats, an alert is sent directly to Rob's phone notifying him that something has gone wrong. This means there is less downtime where the pumps aren't running and no missed watering's.


Troubleshooting has also had a huge improvement with the Monsoon IQ system. Here at Sprinkler Fix we can Log In and check the status and faults in the pumps and advise on how to solve the problem or even change the parameters in the pumps remotely to correct the fault.

Check Out Our Installation!

Photos Courtesy of Davey Water Products